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15 Nov 2012  
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Why don't you make a data partition on the 1TB drive and move the data there. Then you have only the OS on C which you can easily delete (e.g. by reformatting the partition - not the whole disk). If I were you though, I would first make an image of this Windows7 - just in case you want to go back to it.

Also, make sure that you have no more than 3 primary partitions on the 1TB disk before you try to create an additional partition on it. Check that in Disk Management - that is the only place you will be able to check that. If in doubt, post a picture of your Disk Management here.

Once you are in your Windows8, you access the data partition (from Computer), right click on e.g. the Pictures folder and INCLUDE it into the Pictures library, etc.

PS: Congratulations for winning that SSD _ I wish I would ever be that lucky, LOL.
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