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15 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 pro X64

Thanks for the response whs.

Let me just get this straight in my head before I try a go at this. Drive C(the 1TB) has only the 1 partition as I have never partitioned it. How do I go about partitioning it especially since the drive is just about full. I am going to assume you will tell me to delete some of the crap on here(12% free).

Past that once I have the partition set up how do I know where win7 is located and if the files arent shared between both partitions? Also probably going to confuse myself more but once I have win7 deleted off the computer can I merge the 2 partitions back into 1 or will that do some funky things to the drive?

also never created a image of win7, any programs to recommend?
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