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16 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit
Win 7 - 8

Hi Z - Even as you gave directions, my lack of ? does not allow me to understand.
1- What about the programs I lose like bluetooth etc(per assistant). Other people are complaing about losing the Office 2010 which I also have.
*2- Your directions seem to say, in order, get the program and create an iso, THEN or NEXT, get the upgrade assistant and download and run. I find the sequence confusing.

After that I understand about burning the dvd and installing Win 8.

What about the programs that I had with Win 7 like bluetooth?
Do you buy them again or are you unable to use them in Win 8?

Likely, until I overcome some of these nonintuitive issues I will accept Win 7 until it is no longer supported; it may outlast me, seriously.
Meanwhile I have a substantial system that will do all I ask of it.
I am disappointed that I was not up to the task.

On a personal note, may I add, you have had a tremendous amount of patience with my short comings which I am realy thankful for.
I always enjoy our little dialogues so any time, during a thread, you think you are getting frustrated, just click delete. I will understand.
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