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10 Aug 2009  
Muad Dib

XP Pro & Vista Home Premium (x86); Windows Ultimate 7600 x64 Retail

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Ah, finally I think I'm getting the hang of it.
Thanks Dwarf.
Still, looking at the contents of that file, I see heavy use of drive letters. Since drive letters have been said to be rather meaningless, there must be another file which translates the letters into concrete partitions. What and where is that file?
Secondary drive letters can be specified for each boot. The volume labels remain consistent. Nontheless the drive letters ARE NOT "meaningless" as the applications refer to the drive letters not the Volume label.

IE: All my personal "USER" folders for Windows 7 Windows 7 7232 and Vista (soon to be restored over W7 7232 in that partition after migration to Windows 7 RTM) reside on W7_Data.

See below. Guess what happens to drive letters when I boot to XP Pro or Windows 7 7232? Drive letters are reassigned in a consistent fashion but they cannot be changed arbitrarily.

Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP-capture-11.jpg

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