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17 Nov 2012  

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I have a 'tidy' music collection (1 folder per album) that has been scrambled by WMP, and immediately improved by downloading Jaangle.

However, just one small problem, when I select 'artist and album' the list shows every 'artist' as a single album.. including all artists on compilations and all artists doing duets

i.e Beyonce & Alicia Keys duet on an Alicia Keys Album, shows up as a separate 'Beyonce & Alicia Keys' album.

Would you know how I get it to show ONLY the albums as per my folders?
Jaangle's "artists" and "albums" are derived from the internal tag field values for those ID3/FLAC tag items. So whatever you've placed in "artists" and "albums" in your tags, that's what the organization will be based around.

You can certainly use MP3Tag to do some forced external file re-naming to conform to tag values, or forced re-tagging to conform to external file names, if you don't want to do manual corrections yourself and if the mass operation is legitimate.

Can you please provide some specific examples and screenshots of the problem you're experiencing. Present what Jaangle shows that you feel is incorrect, and then show what MP3Tag has to say about the music files in that folder.

For example, here's one of my compilation albums as perceived by MP3Tag:

But if you have Jaangle's "mode" set to "Artist - Album", then every one of the individual tracks on this compilation WILL appear as an album entry for that artist. In other words the same compilation album appears indented under each of these artists... but that's because "Artist - Album" does exactly that. It's for collections that are organized that way, with parent folders for each artist and then sub-folders within each artist folder for each album by that artist.

Compilations are a special breed that obviously don't conform to single-artist albums. In this case, a so-called album (by that artist) is really an album on which a track by that artist appears. So you WILL see the same album appear indented for each artist having a track on that compilation album, because that's what "artist - album" means when dealing with a compilation. What else would make more sense than that??

If you would rather just have a "pure album-only" presentation, click on that little gear in the upper-left corner of the upper-left pane, select "mode", and then select "album". This will give you a presentation that is purely by album titles (again, from the internal tag field "album" value and not the external album folder names).

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