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10 Aug 2009  

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WU *does* notify me about the updates - all the time. However, I find that if I have M$SE active also, WU tends to butt heads with M$SE, to the point that if I see WU listing an update for M$SE I open M$SE and manually install.

TBH, I think that M$SE should not, in fact, use WU, but its own update engine - it can be based on WU, but not not actually using it. That way it is easier to configure checking for updates for M$SE separately 9and at an increased frequency) to allow the app to stay as up to date as possible, without causing your OS much havoc.
while that is true remember this is based on the Forefront techonology which is also WUSUS based...
the difference though is that there is no server to manage the updates (which is how you can update them constantly without bugging the user about the those updates...)

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by AlexT2889 View Post
Hmm, interesting, I never get the WU icon on taskbar for MSE updates.

I do know that MSE and WU buttheads with eachother, like I check for updates then it fails till I realize MSE is already downloading/updating then I recheck WU and it's completed.. .

MSE definitely should use it's own update engine, I wonder if that's what Microsoft has in store for the final version or not... hmmmm.
i think Microsoft wants to use the WUSUS instead of its own (look at its Antispyware and AntiMalware Agents, they all use in some form WUSUS...)
while you can in Forefront check for updates without opening WUSUS (you can also make sure it updates itself before scanning for anything (and that includes automatic scanning)...)

i do hope they do include a automatic update service (i haven't check Morro out enough to tell if updates Automatically every so often) and it really does not matter if it uses WUSUS or not as long as it updates often (although i can see it be a headache on Patch Tuesday....)
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