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25 Nov 2012  

arch linux x64

well, now i am wondering if i was correct in my asumptions above. So, i did as any user might. regarding another system not related to above im having another issue.

I have the system set to backup to a 2.7TB array.

one of the backups was 1.0TB, this was incremented to 3 months prior, so lets say (Apr. - Jun.-2012), (im working from memory, the dates are probably not entirely accurate)

the newer increment was say (Jul. - Sep. 2012) (again, from memory)

So the backup reported that the drive was full with this newer increment, which was now 1.5TB.

SO now scrambling for HD space, i deleted the old backup (Apr. - Jun. 2012), which freed up 1 TB of space.

So now i have 1 TB of free space, so i ran the backup again. I was initially thinking it would continue with the previous Increment that spanned from July, i was disheartened to see that it created a new increment, now (11-18-2012).

SO obviously there wouldnt be enough space for this, so i let it (11-18-2012) run until it ran out of space, then i deleted the only other increment remaining on the drive (Jul. - Sep. 2012). now the drive contains enough space so that i can get the new complete backup on the (11-18-2012) increment.

after all was said and done im missing about 10 users on the user drive (D drive), so the 2 users that it did get are the only two active users. so apparently the unused old files it thinks it already has backed up.

SO what did i do? I went into the backup settings again, and altered a couple directories that were checked off to backup, and i verified that all the users in question are checked, infact, the entire D drive is checked to backup.

So i ran the backup again, it appended the (11-18-2012) increment. Then i went to check if it had those other 10 users which the files havent been touched for more than a year, and they are still non existent.

If anybody has any suggestion, please let me know how i can get all my stuff backed up, this is ridiculous.
i dont want to clean off this existing backup until i get another backup atleast started. The current backup is 1.81 TB, and i only have about 750GB of space left.
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