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29 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 64-bit
HTPC/Server Setup. Multiple Account Logins

Ok, so this may seem like a simple, stupid question at first, but it's not.

I have a HTPC/NAS/Server PC in my living room. It is hooked up to my TV and my Onkyo 7.1 receiver though HDMI with a optical cable for audio. All that was kinda useless, just saying.

System Specs:
AMD A8-3880D @4.9ghz on aircooling @1.35v
8GB DDR3 @2133mhz
12TB of data storage
Mini ITX AS-Rock motherboard
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

So here's my situation. I have 2 user profiles on my HTPC, one is strictly for media. I run XBMC, Google Chrome, a few games like GW2 and Minecraft, and Spotify on this profile. That is it, I have access to everything else locked out, because my friends like to mess with me and change settings.

Then I have my Server user. I run 5 minecraft servers that normally have around 50 people on them all together, and a ventrilo server. Along with my torrent program, and other various server apps running in the background.

I have my PC set to automatically log into my HTPC profile when windows boots. I also have my server profile set to start the 5 Minecraft Servers, along with every other app, at log in.

The issue is, my power tends to go out a lot. I have bad lines running into my apartment and my power company is working on it. I have it set to if there is A/C power loss, the PC turns back on once it is restored.

I want it set, so that when the PC boots back up, it will log in my HTPC profile and take it to the desktop, and at the SAME TIME, login my Server profile in the background so that all my servers start up. I don't want a simple "runas" command because I don't want the command prompts or anything like that visible on the HPTC profiles desktop. My girlfriend uses my HTPC all the time when I'm not home and I don't want her to mess anything up on accident, and she has a little niece that comes over all the time and likes to play on it. We can't watch her every living second, so she sometimes gets into things she shouldn't.

Simply put, log both users in at system start, goes to HTPC profiles desktop while the Server profile starts in the background. Also, I don't wanna use Windows Server, because I tried it and it doesn't work very well for a HTPC.

I have researched this for countless hours and have found nothing on this.

Thank You.
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