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30 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
SSD - Backup/Restore question


I had Win7 on a standard HD, backups and restores just worked fine
using NortonGhost 15 for years.

Now I added a Samsung SSD 830 128GB.
Win7 installed on primary active C: and there is a 2nd logical Partition D:,
skipping the 100MB-Partition.
Everything works great.

I have made several backups using that NortonGhost 15.
However, I am kind of reluctant doing a restore test.
Will it work just the same as on HDs, restoring MBR and all that?
Normally, a partition is deleted before restore.
Is that the same on a SSD and would it effect lifetime?

Normally, I run a defrag on HD before any backup.
SSDs shouldn't be defragmented.
Do I expect any problems doing a restore?

I always use a Boot-CD and backups are stored on a real HD.
The previous Win7 installed on HD run in IDE-mode.
The new installation on SSD runs AHCI-mode.

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