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30 Nov 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Sorry for the delayed response been super busy and well found out one set of the ram I just purchased the day I created this thread was bad so i returned that and got a replacement ran memtest86 all was good (I believe my old ram is still good for after a lot of memtest86 it never showed defective so it will be nice to have as spare, i like the 16gb I have now makes huge difference in vmware) then after beating my head off the wall for basically 2 days straight following all recommendations, I then decided to kind of venture off on my own and downgraded vbios, motherboard bios to stock, used a 2nd hard drive installed fresh copy of windows, installed only sp1, went and installed video drivers, opened browser and started to notice something that I could finally make happen every time. It can be seen here in this video Weird Blocks on mouse over links and text - YouTube. I did a search for archived video drivers and came to notice someone with a different model 5xxx series ati card said they had issues (never stated specifics) on a 12.6 driver and reverted back to 12.4 well I had nothing to loose so went and uninstalled my current driver which was the latest driver 12.10, ran ati crap cleaner, and installed 12.4 series driver and bam no more black block(could this be the resolution to my weird pixels as well? lets hope so), so now I have re updated the vbios and motherboard bios to current versions and in almost 24 hrs no bsod, no weird pixels, seams all is good now lets just hope it stays this way. Thanks for all the help and being inspirational for me to finally dig though this and resolve the issue.

The site I found the drivers on was An archive of AMD Mobility Catalyst Windows 7 x64 drivers – PCR's notepad

Thanks again.

I wont mark this as solved yet due to I don't believe 24 hrs is really a good test, but when I have a week of up time I will definitely return and mark as solved, or return with more dumps
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