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01 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 64 bit

Actually the Recover Disk I referred to earlier turns out to the a Re installation Disk and I have another one with all the drivers, although these would obviously need to be updated. I had decided to go a total re-installation but saw there was a repair option but this only gives me the D drive. My drive is partitioned with the operating system on the C drive. If I chose Install, I get the option to choose either of the drives. The smaller one is in fact the C drive because the Dell Engineer took it upon himself to partition the drives initially. The machine was BSOD on arrival and they had to replace most of the parts. I was at work at the time and just left him to it so I ended up with a partitioned drive which, as it turns out, might be quite useful because hopefully a total re-installation might not affect my other drive. But most of my documentation is on Dropbox anyway so hopefully not a crisis and I have a backup. I think I will do an Install now of the C drive. Cannot face it today(!) but will tackle it tomorrow but it would have been good to have tried to repair it first. No idea why it only sees the D drive?
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