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05 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 x86 Ultimate

Yea, i understand. Just don't know weather to got to "System clocks", or "FSB & memory config". I watched several videos -How to OC, and every bios had a number (don't know what it presents) witch is multiplied with 16, and there you get your CPU frequency.
How can i get to "that number"?
I want to OC my CPU to 3.8-3.9 GHz - is that safe??? don't know much about the voltage settings, but i hope someone will help me (:
today I'm going to run Prime95 for 8-10 hours in "safe mode and networking"

p.s. Since i overclocked my CPU, when i shut down the pc, it installs 3 updates every time. Is that normal?
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