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05 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and numerous virtual machines

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Just bought a new set of desktop speakers.

The volume and tone controls are on the right-side speaker.

As I use my mouse, right handed, and the volume control more or less together for some work, this is a bit of a pain.

I can, of course, just move the speakers, but my son objects; for some videos and games, I guess it is important to have right-right, and left-left.

I have the Creative/Soundblaster audio setup.

If I do interchange the speakers to the way I like, is there any option, anywhere,
where I can have the left channel sound now going to the right speaker, and the right channel sound going to the left speaker ?

Creative, and the MS Audio options doesn't seem to have a way.
I don't want to re-wire any plugs.

Any simple way of accomplishing this ?

I know exactly what you mean. On my media PC the on board audio was backwards so I reversed the connections so it sounded correct. I then put in a Audigity 2 and that was wired correctly.
The only suggestion I have is to check out an electronics store or Amazon for a couple of cables so you can reverse the wiring.
and then one of these if your speaker system has a socket on it, if not search for a cable with a socket on it.
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