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05 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Problem with RAM sticks. Not usable? Gateway Laptop.

Heh.. Kinda new to this forum so yeah.
Kinda getting a bit desperate about this.

I've had a Gateway NV53A Laptop for about a year and a few months. No problems with it. Only problem I've found so far? It's REALLY slow. I mean on everything. Opening something, closing, shutting down, everything. The main thing was that it was slow on simple gaming even though reviews have stated it could handle it.

So, I found that the RAM Memory that came with the laptop, was only 3 Gigs! DDR3 Memory RAM.
So I searched around the internet and finally on I found a compatible 8 Gigs of 2 sticks (4 Gigs each.) Of course after seeing this, I ordered them.
Awhile ago they came in and I installed them, all perfect, etc.
I checked on "My Computer's Properties" and it said 8 Gigs and next to it, only 3! Why is that?

Is there a way to fix this so I can at least use more than 6? I just want to get the full potential out of the two sticks. It also says on the crucial site that this laptop has the max memory of 8 gigabytes...

Umm... not exactly sure about the information I have to put up here for details but..
My laptop is a Gateway NV53A Notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Please help! :] Thank you to those that reply and contribute!

tl;dr Installed 8 Gigs into my Gateway laptop, only 3 usable. Why? Can I use the rest?

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