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06 Dec 2012  
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Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
question about win 7 magnifier

Good Evening Seven Forums, this is about SFC.EXE

The Dummy is back again. I posted a question about the problem I am haveing with the built in magnifier in Win 7 Pro.

I did get a reply but was no help. I decided to check with Microsoft ASK A QUESTION. I did get a reply, however I could not complete the possible solution since my copy of win 7 Pro does not allow me to execute the possible solution. I replied to Microsoft ask a question no answer. Hopefully someone at seven forums can tell why the proceedure does not work:
This is what I was tald to do, go to accessories then click ELEVATED COMMAND PROMPT the only I could not find that kind of prompt but did find COMMAND PROMPT, so I clicked that, however I was supposed to se RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR, whick I did not find, I did find this c:/user/my name followed by a blinking cursor waiting for entries. I was to enter ALLOW after possible being asked for my password, that did not work so I entered ALLOW, the only thing I got was you are not allowed to enter in so many words. I then made sure I am listed as the administrator on my computer and I was. The oblect of all this is to run SFC.EXE a program allready installed to check the operating system files, if corrumpted then insert my install CD or DVD when I installed win 7 Pro to replace any corrupted files.

If anyone has used the program SFC.EXE please let me know what the proceedure is.
hope you don't find too many missplelled words.
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