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09 Dec 2012  

Does anyone know what is AcroTray and how to get rid of it?

Ok, let me explain. I have this very annoying (worm) process that keeps hogging my folders. For instance, I was deleting a folder and Windows 7 gave me this message:

and no matter how many times I click "Try Again" it will not delete it. One way to actually delete this folder is to reboot computer, which is very annoying.

I also need to say that this doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to become a nuisance.

Someone suggested that I install little program called Unlocker, which I did, so when that message came up again, I ran the Unlocker and here's what it gave me:

Note that I'm not using anything called AcroTray, nor that I intend to. If I kill it with Unlocker the folder can be deleted without a hitch. The thing is that AcroTray will hog it, or another folder at some random time again.

So my question is, how can I kill this AcroTray for good?
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