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12 Aug 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Taskbar - Center Icons

How To Center Taskbar Icons in Windows 7

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This guide will show you how to center the Taskbar icons in Windows 7.

It was originally written by member Sammy, I've just added more screenshots to hopefully make it easier. Full credit goes to Sammy

Here's How:
1. Start by creating an empty folder called CTI in Documents.

2. Right click on the Taskbar and unlock the Taskbar.

3. Right click again, go to Toolbars > New toolbar.

4. Select the CTI folder you created a second ago and click on Select Folder.

You'll see that the CTI folder is now on the taskbar.

5. Right click the slider next to the new toolbar and uncheck Show title.
Taskbar - Center Icons-13-08-2009-01-28-24.png
6. Click and drag the same slider as far left as possible.

7. The slider next to the Start Orb, click and drag to the right, until the pinned icons are just offset the the right.

8. Right click the taskbar and lock the taskbar.
NOTE: The icons will jump to the left slightly after locking so make sure that you offset them a bit to the right

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