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12 Dec 2012  

WINDOWS 7 64/32
BROWSERS should be called BOWSERS

I messed up, big time..Early late yesterday morning-I woke up and discovered my IE9, 32/64 bit was sloooooow.. Like a jerk-two mistakes-put both in my recycle bin-but I EMPTIED IT!!!
BAD! move on my part.
I went into my WINDOWS.OLD files. and saw a number of files/programs that look like windows 64.
I even tried system restore, twice, 1 time several days earlier, then i day earlier as restore points, thinking my thrown out IE9's would be restored. They were not.
I went to the Microsoft download page, and I now now why I couldn't load those files. And this I really don't understand-they are only UPDATES of IE9-and you have to have the 64 bit system to get these updates. Why aren't there updates for fools like me, that one can download, that don't require the user to already have the 64 bit version of IE9?
another PROBLEM-My PC's hardware support ran out last spring, and I didn't have the common sense, or money to renew it. Re-installing windows 7 would solve this problem, but it's not that cut and dried-all the drivers arent on the install disc- I'd need support for that
I'm having a problem,starting Google chrome, as well.
I Also did reserach into freeware that would recover the IE9 32/64 bit browsers that I tossed-Too dangerous looking-anythin that would put my pc in peril isn't worth the risk
Please-this has really stressed me-any answers
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