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13 Dec 2012  

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium x64

I personally use a 7770 HD. Its fast and reliable and compared to the 650 uses Graphics Core Next. Great for people who want to power save when idle.

If you have an AMD setup (amd cpu + mobo) it works great together! for gaming its mind blowing! Mass Effect 3 (2012) 60 fps with max resolution and settings! not even a single drop in fps. And battlefield 3 works great! 60 FPS at 1920x1080 on ultra. I get a few fps drops in the game when physics (being handled by the cpu) are at work. My CPU is now the bottleneck of the system.

Its a great card! If u want nvidia and your budget allows I would personally (im a effing nerd at this gaming stuff) recommend the Nvidia 670. It has the BEST performance per dollar (compared to 690 680 7970 and 7870.)

good luck
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