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13 Dec 2012  

Win 7 Pro 64-bit 7601

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It's just a hobby for them, they do it because they find it fun, not for money like the bulk of criminals do.
Oh? If you don't do it for money, then it is OK to break and enter into private property?
I never talked about ethics, because whoever with enough skill/money/power usually ignores ethics as he sees fit.
I'm just describing a phenomenon, that exists regardless of my (or your or everyone else's) opinion of it, and how that could be useful if MS took the right steps to harness it.

That sentence is the core, since the communities of hackers and programmers are doing it for fun, you just need to create a good challenge, a good "game" to get them to help you out. And Windows is a very big treat. With most kinds of criminals that's unfeasible as they are doing it for money, not unlike more honest professions, so a company would have to pay for their services the same as it pays for normal people, defying the point.
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