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14 Dec 2012  

Win 7 Pro 64-bit 7601

The term different also doesn't automatically mean worse. It's faster and more secure.
The only hate-worth thing of W8 is the GUI or GUI options. The rest is more or less an improved W7 which isn't bad per-se.
Depends from what you do with it. On an ultrabook (that I imagine has a touchscreen) it's ok if you don't mind losing some options, and maybe even better as the touchscreen is close to hands anyway.
W8 does make some modicum of sense on touchscreen laptops and the locked-down tablet-like things where the average user does not really care of most of the dropped features (as long as facebook works anyway).

On a desktop or non-touchscreen it's enraging and murderously annoying even if you have a good mouse, imho.

Also, from that feature list:
"Sound events for 'Exit Windows', 'Windows Logon' and 'Windows Logoff' are removed" No, really? Did anyone care?
And there is a huge amount of stuff with obscure names and unknown function....

There are some stupid choices though, mainly about Explorer.exe and UI cripplage.
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