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15 Dec 2012  
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Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
Results in rybbubg SFC,EXE

Good Morning Seven Forums,

I very much appreciate your topic on how to create an elevated command prompt for windows 7.

I did as you outlined and it worked perfectly. I have tried from others winout succes, from Microsoft it;s self their procedure did not work but yours did, hats of the Seven Forums.
I just rand SFC.EXE several lines appeared with the lines with how did it come out data with lines longer than the cmd type window white letters on black background. I could not make the window any wider so could not read the entire line. I did use windows snipit to copy all the lines and put them in Paint shop pro and printed them.

The lines started like this: /scannow, /verfyonly, /scanfile, /veriffile, /offb ooidir, /offwubdur

I am not sure since I could not read all of the senteces to their end not sure if anything was done. It would be nice to know what I could expect when I did get to run SFC.EXE. Has anyone done that?
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