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15 Dec 2012  
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Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
elevated prompt to run sfc.exe

Seven Forums,

Thanks a bunch, I ran the scan in the Elevated Command Prompt, worked just fine. I tried it first with no space between the c and / worked apprently ok then I ran it a second time with the space. The scan looked about the same either way. One comment on your reply you put a link to see a snippet of wat I would see, it did not work it gave me link to some other unrlated place. I also found out the elevated command prompt is good for only one time, to run a second time I had to create the command a second time to work. There was a problem and told me to look at the log file, I tride to but when clicking the CBS log file access was denied. I am listed as administrator in users and just about every place I look, not sure what is going on there. This log file is supposed to tell me what to do to correct the bad file it found. From the way you described the scan I would see a visual graph that runs across a window, however it was atext view with the percent in numbers till it reached 100% it did show the scan process. Please let me know about accessing the CBS log file. I REALY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP IN THIS PROCESS.
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