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16 Dec 2012  


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Carl, Have you ever thought about getting a job as a photographer for the Barrett-Jackson Car Auctions ? A lot of expensive & antique cars there.
As Barrett-Jackson Car Auctions are in the US and Carl is in the UK do you not think the travelling expenses may get a little exoensive, just a thought
A photog is a great idea though. Do you have car auctions there, a local newspaper you could start out freelancing for, real estate agent you could ask? Carry your camera with you and be for hire.

The Avon rep is also a good idea if you like to chat up housewives. You actually make the sale by chatting, becoming their product friend. But you must know the product.

What about the dog-walking idea? You'd have to walk them in the rain, but if I was stuck for work I'd do that if I like dogs. Owners will pay commensurate to trusting you with one of their most fond possessions.

Are you trustworthy? You can trade on that from errand man up to running mansions, traveling the world as a trustworthy aide. It is an invaluable commodity.
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