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17 Jan 2009  

Windows 7 Beta x32 / Windows XP Media Center x32

Almost the same problem. I don't have the DX problem that Kidfork has, but when I run the game, the launcher pops up, and right after Hackshield finishes updating the game disappears off the task bar. Opening Task Manager, Engine.exe (the game) is still running, but it's consuming 100% of one of my cpus (dual-core). If I run Combat Arms again, it works perfectly, but now I have two Engine.exe processes running and both my CPUs maxed out. The first process isn't using much memory, only about 30mb, while the second is running properly at about 190mb. Can't figure out why the first instance won't work, and the second time I run it it always does.

Also, after I play CA, I can't terminate Engine.exe, and it becomes impossible to shut down or anything short of holding down the power button.
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