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18 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 Pro X64 SP1

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I have an Asus p8Z77-v board and I rigged a blue LED for the HDD in the front of a HAF XM because I couldn't see it as I like to have my machines on the desk.

I found an old one that already had a 47 ohm resistor in line and it worked up to yesterday and I think form my calcs that it needs a 250 (or standard voltage) ohm resistor for a 12 volt supply and the 47 ohm should have been more than adequate for a 5 volt supply - but I cannot find out from Asus or a Googles what the voltage is for the HDD LED.

Does anyone know what the voltage is to save me taking the leads off the pins and measuring with a meter as I don't want to short something out as it is in a very awkward spot to get to with the power block in situ.
If you're running the LED off the front panel block, I believe that it's intended to be a naked LED; the resistor is already in place on the motherboard.

I haven't been able to find a reference for that, though.
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