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18 Dec 2012  

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Yes Dwarf I have been involved with electronics for many years and yes I have blown many a LED. My problem was find what the voltage at the front block terminals was to calculate the R for a blue LED.

As you know I found that to be around 3-5 v depending on the HDD actuating.

I rigged the LED this morning with a 240R and it works fine but I am still not sure of what this is doing as the machine is now freezing after say running a MBAM scan. I cannot think it is the LED that is causing this as the current would be really quite small now and if as Bob says the board has an inbuilt resistor then that R would be that much higher.

My assumption being that the LED draw is somehow affecting the operation of the SSD.
I had it working ok last night with a red LED and if this is going to be a problem I will have to go back to that

I have run a scannow and a scan with my main security and I don't think this is due to any malware.
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