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20 Dec 2012  

Windows 7
Persistent group update failures

Win7 Professional 64

Received the machine several days ago. After ~the 3rd series of updates a group of ~20 updates failed. On subsequent updates the system would locate and attempt to install and fail the same update group.

Subsequently, when soft or hard booting the machine seems to install updates (even if I haven't requested), once approximating the login screen the machine reboots, reverts all the updates and comes back to the login screen.

When this first occured I checked the first several updates using the MS onboard update error determinator. However, the errors for those several were not a member of the MS list so I stopped checking.

I suspect this problem isn't with the individual updates but with the OS record keeping for this stuff?

I'm posting a screen shot of the update history. I haven't checked the listing yet but I'm fairly certain there are redundancies for boot dates since, as previously mentioned, updates now try and install/revert each boot?

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