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21 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Check Disk Force Dismount

Hello... i have been wondering .. i have 2 HDs installed in my PC... one which is labeled C: is for the system while the other which is labeled D: is for personal files e.g. documents, pictures, music and etc...

So once in a while i usually do Chkdsk and defragmentation for both HDs and there is this one thing that always bothers me.. when i tick both options to run Check Disk on drive D: (Only happens on secondary drive) ... it asked me to "force dismount" ... usually i just clicked cancel and then accept the next popup that will ask about "Schedule Scan Disk"... and everything is running fine... Checkdisk will be run perfectly the next time i restart my PC on both drives...

my main question is, the next time it asks, should i just click force dismount or do as what i mentioned above? is it safe to dismount? what does it do actually? please give suggestions thank you
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