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22 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 Home premu
Cam set to import to D: but can't ... because C: is full. WTF?

Very important: I am asking this question about a netbook we have so the stats that are connected to my profile are about my PC and are irrelevent for this question.

On the netbook, With win7 (most basic edition. BTW, do urself a favor and never buy a netbook),
we have 2 drives named :

D: Data

116 GB on each.

C: Has become full, so i connected my cam, while it was importing i clicked on Import Settings and changed the destination to D:/new folder.

Then the import restarted itself, and started importing, but then the same pop up message came up and said "Not enough room on C:". OK man i know, but ur supposed to import into D: .

Reconnected cam, happened again.

Seems like the computer is INSISTING that i import into c: . Maybe D: isnt meant for personal media, which is annoying?

Any help is appreciated .
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