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26 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 professional, x64 Bit, Service Pack 1

Oh crap sorry, i did a run with CC after i uninstalled Firefox :/

I tried overclocking when i got the system but went back to stock because i didn't need the extra power.
i dont know why its at 3410Mhz Ive set everything back to stock and even tried a full clear CMOS on the mobo, the only change Ive made is setting my RAM to the correct settings.
cant get the BCKL to stay at 100 it always goes little bit higher, thats why the clock speed is a little bit of
but it shouldn't be a problem tho.

My SSD got the latest firmware from Samsung.

I ran a disk check on all my hard drives with no errors

the system hasn't gotten a BSOD since i uninstalled my ramdisk software its been on for about 9hours and no problems, i will do memtest86 if it crashes again.

I think the ramdisk was causing the problem because after i uninstalled it everything is working again, ive been able to run multiple minecraft servers and use firefox without it blue screening.

Im marking this is solved since it seems fine now, if i get in to more trouble ill do the things you have told me to do.
Dont wanna take up your time when there is other people that need more help
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