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29 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 64bit
Built-in network adapter problems and stuck on "Enabling..."

I've had my Dell Inspiron for a few months now, but from the time I first booted it up, I've been riddled with problems.

My latest one concerns the wireless connection. After using the built in wireless card for a few minutes, it will suddenly cut out and show as alternating between having full connection and only one bar every second or so. Other devices at the same range have no problem when this occurs and it doesn't happen while wired. A very temporary work around (as in a few minutes) is to diagnose the adapter within control panel.

So far, I've gotten around this by using an external wireless adapter. However, that too has its fair share of problems. Its status will suddenly show that I have no internet access (again, other devices at the same distance work perfectly fine). Diagnosing it does nothing and disabling and reenabling of through the Network Adapters window in the control panel shows a window saying "Enabling..." with the loading icon as the cursor and seems to freeze on that.

Any help for either (or both!) of these problems is much appreciated.

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