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30 Dec 2012  

Windows 7 Home x64

Yes, System Temp has never gone above the low 30's in Celcius so far. I haven't done anything intensive on the laptop yet.

The CPU seems to run in the low 40's. I assume that this means that the fan is doing well.

The hard disks are fine. I've done diskcheck and I run Hard Disk Sentinel.

My graphics card driver was updated yesterday.

As for the Asus warranty... I had 2 years... apparently that starts when the reseller gets the laptop from Asus, so if I buy it four months after Asus sold it to the reseller (I purchased it from then I only have 20 months of warranty technically. In either case, I spent 18 months of it with the G73 lemon that I never actually got to use and finally after 6 RMA's I argued enough to get them to give me a refurb G74. Nevermind that I purchased the G73 when it was top of the line, and they gave me a G74 when the G75 was out already. Then they wanted to give it to me with no warranty. I had to argue to get 3 months. And it's been over a month already with the two RMA's I've done. I hate Asus so much right now that I can't put it into words.
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