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30 Dec 2012  
Rand Marks

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

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The default action for CTRL + ALT + DEL on Windows XP is as told in Logiearth's and my posts.

This canít be so. I have installed Windows XP more than 100 times, and after every fresh installation, before any personal configurations or customizations, Ctrl+Alt+Del simply ran the Task Manager, nothing else.

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Kari View Post
With your Windows experience it should not be too hard to learn to use the default shortcut, although different than on XP?
Iím too stubborn. I am a creature of habit, and I have grown permanently accustomed to Ctrl+Alt+Del and its true default function: running the Windows Task Manager.

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by boohbah View Post
you could start task manager and whilst it is open, right click the task manager icon on the taskbar and select pin to taskbar. no need for shortcuts or hotkeys default or otherwise.

Yes, that is a good mouse shortcut. I have an AutoHotkey hotkey (or hotclick?) that runs the Task Manager by right and left clicking at the same time while the mouse is over TrayClockWClass1 (the clock on the taskbar). That is not sufficient, however, because when I am in "keyboard mode", it is too inconvenient to switch to "mouse mode" for one simple task. I guess Iíll just have to settle with my custom Ctrl+LWin+Del and Ctrl+Shift+Del hotkeys. Oh, how I will miss you, Ctrl+Alt+Del!
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