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31 Dec 2012  

XP/7x32 & x64/8x64/8.1x64
Single user PC why do I need Admin + Owner + Users ?

Have just migrated (sic. "down graded") from XP to Win7
I am on Win7 training wheels and I still fall of !

As a single user PC the new "Administrator" + "Owner" etc is driving me insane.
In the process of trying to get a grasp on Win7 and its foibles I am getting more frstrated with Win7.
My four other WinXp PRO machines are just a dream to use.
Thay are all standalone PCs -- stable and they let me "in".

My Toshiba laptop came with Win7 Home preloaded.

Is there such a thing as a single user install ?
If so would I have to buy a Win7 Disc ?
(I am seriously thinking of buying a full retail version of Win7, so that when/if my XP machines fall over, I wont have the agony of Win8, because hopefully I will be familiar with Win7 tweaks.

As a Autocad programmer I mostly work in VBA and scripts.
I think I am developing a crush on Linux, and we haven't even met !

I would appreciate any informative help
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