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31 Dec 2012  

XP/7x32 & x64/8x64/8.1x64

Thank you "marsmimar" for your prompt response.
As a happy XP'er your feedback has confirmed what I did not want to hear. I will get over it, as frustrating as "it" is.

I have known almost nothing about security, so I have always kept all my work PCs cotton-wooled and never on the web.
We use one web dedicated PC that is only used for surfing, email and skype. No apps other than defaults that come with Windows.
I do add "convenience" programs that are an improvement on Windows defaults. (ClipX, Metapad + remove/hide as much clutter as possible)

I/we are anal about "scanning" every download before moving "stuff" to the other PC's, and I insist that we use TXT files for data transfer,
rather than the dangers of Office apps etc -- and scan every download, incl pictures -- everything!

It has become apparent that a healthy PC depends on several factors. Reliable anti-virus (AV) protection + anti-malware (AM) + regular housekeeping.
I always assumed AV was all I needed, I was wrong. When I installed an AM program (freeware) it found two malware on this 2 year old PC.
I had assumed AV would have stopped them. I have also learnt that assuming to delete all found malware can be dangerous too.

I didn't know that my tweaking the registry can be identified as malware.
I drive my wife mad with my "diligence". But she concedes it works because I keep her web-pc alive and working.
- I cannot understand "people" who do not archive what they learn --- I used to use paper records but it was just getting too much,
- and the clay-tablets were getting heavy! ()
- TXT files are very light files. All kept in a "Helpers" folder -- and with a third party program "FileSearchEX" neccessary for Win7 -- finds "contents")

The AM program provides an optional log (why optional? it is essential) and I just google the logged item "description" and I got my answers.
Many nervous moments of what to quaratine and what to keep.
(I use the log file to enter what I have done and why, so if I really stuff up I have a record of what I have done.

Housekeeping is my week point -- I dont realy know what to do. Scan disc (or is it check-disc?) + defrag are about my limit.
I recently read that "cache" and cookies can be cleared. But I am not sure "how?" and "if?" and "when?" ..... (another thread?)

Your link to User Account Type - Change AND Repair Install
look very interesting and I will persue them, before the new PC is attached to the web.

We vintage PC'ers just have to get with the program. We are ludites at heart.
My wife hated computers and reluctantly took a job in a call center, still hated computers until I showed her the web. Now she is hooked.

There is almost no help for seniors (or nervous younger people) that I could find on the web.
Most help is presented by geeks who (sometimes) know their stuff and assume we old-farts know what UI means (User interface ?!)

One good thing about Win7 is I found "Seven Forums" -- and as I master Win7 I will reluctantly concede -- improvement (arrrggghhh!)
(there I said it! ... but don't tell anyone!)
If I am allowed to say (delete this if you must) ...
... open your wallets, pc protection is cheaper than paying a geek to fix it -- and pay something for freeware, don't be mean
... learn something new everyday and save it as a TXT file on your PC (date it so you know how old the info is)

Malwarebytes (anti malware) -- (free version) installed with AV turned off, and dont forget to reactivate AV after
Kaspersky Anti Virus -- looks overwhelming but in my 20 years of PC'ing it is worth learning, vastly superior to other big name$
- I spent weeks trying to find how to safely install AM with AV because they can clash
FileSearchEX -- to find files and/or contents in Win7 Windows Explorer -- open your wallets, essential for Win7
Metapad -- instead of MS-Notepad -- Metapad (freeware) does not minimize when I click another window (optional) -- leaves Notepad for dead
ClipX -- a (free) clipboard program that remembers upto the last 1024 clips and is simple for us OFs.

Progress is mans ability to complicate simplicity! Thor Heyerdahl, who proved a reed raft could survive crossing the Pacific ocean
- why didn't he book his tickets on line and fly, it would have been quicker and drier !!
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