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31 Dec 2012  

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I enjoyed reading your post and found myself nodding in agreement. I also found this Forum after buying a machine with Windows 7 installed. Two things stand out: the wealth of knowledge contained in the tutorials and the wealth of additional or supplemental knowledge provided by the Forum members themselves.

Windows 7 is truly a "set it and forget it" OS compared to previous operating systems. For average users, I honestly believe that the default settings and an occasional check disk, disk cleanup and defrag are pretty much all that's needed to keep 7 humming along. For the more advanced (or adventurous) users there's still plenty that can be customized. One of my personal favorite tutorials:

Optimize Windows 7

And then there's all the rest in alphabetical order with new tutorials added quite frequently:

Windows 7 - Tutorial Index

As one of the Forum Administrators says in his signature (his "About Me" tab), "There are no dumb questions, just the people who do not ask them." I encourage you to ask whatever questions you might have as you get to know Windows 7.

When I first started using 7 I thought I'd never leave XP. Now I see XP as a vintage automobile, nice to take out for a nostalgic drive but not for every day use. I predict you'll feel the same way.

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