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31 Dec 2012  

XP/7x32 & x64/8x64/8.1x64

Hi "Marsmimar"
"Seven Forums" is a refreshing experience.
Many other forums can be rather off-handed and sometimes dismissive of us with limited Windows expertise. Especially those of us on the older side of 65, because PCs are a minor part of our life experience. And then there are the younger 30s, 40s, and 50s who see it as all to hard or complicated and overwhelming.

I started with Amstrad 560kb (ASCII only) PC back in the dark ages. Then Windows 95 and so on.
Win2000, WinXP (I have had a love affair with XP -- I guess because I know it so well, my "Helper" folder with over 400 TXT files certainly helps.
(I have decided to update my profile to better represent who I am)

Thank you for your generosity of spirit and patience.
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