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01 Jan 2013  

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hi,thx for the reply,,,to answer your first question,the coax has to go through a freeview tv box,then connected to the tv,,,i notice your USA flag under your name,,im in the UK,if you put your coax straight into the tv,there will be no signal (sorry if that sounds obvious),when plugged into the freeview box using exactly the same coax,the picture and signal strength is perfect on all channels,,the box is also already tuned as i use it upstairs,so as soon as i plugged it in,the picture appeared straight away.

As for the second question,i have done both system restore and windows 7 reinstall,i did the reinstall because the system restore had virtually no reserve space,so i could only restore to 1 day earlier,which didn't help, (fixed the system restore reserve space now).

So im still stuck for ideas..the signal is perfect from my outside aerial,the coax cables are working fine,,the computer finds my tuner device in device manager,,media centre recognises the tv tuner,,it just wont find channels when searching,,although occasionally it will find 6,sometimes 14 channels,,none of which will show audio or video when i press play,,its almost as if its almost finding the channels,but not quite.

Hope i can get this sorted,,driving me mad.thx.

ps,,,i have another dongle which while looking identical,is from a different manufacturer.when i plug this in instead,device manager finds it,but media centre doesn't!!
I was not aware of this freeview box of which you speak. Interesting. Learn something new every day.

Okay, onto other random thoughts. If any of my assumptions are wrong, feel free to correct me. You have a usb dongle that has the same capabilities of a freeview box, and it's a capture device. You plug your coax straight into the dongle (Realtek 2832U). Have you tried using the dongle on another machine?
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