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02 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Premium 64bit

OK. Something REALLY wierd just happened. I did everything that you told me to. I tried to run planetside 2, and as soon as i started moving, the game froze, the game exited BY ITSELF (no error or anything), and this is what was really strange: My windows went from having the aero effect to a windows XP style start menu and bar, and it was as if i lost all of my priveleges on my computer and so did the anti-virus and all other programs. it said that it couldn't detect any speakers that are plugged in, which they were and were still playing music. I couldn't open up internet explorer because it was not a valid application. I couldn't access windows security essentials (it would open and close in .1 seconds). I couldn't open task manager. and the strangest thing is that i didn't get a blue screen, it was like this until i had to reboot my computer. I'm going to run my computer with the on-board video card for a while to see if i can get any similar results.
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