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02 Jan 2013  

Win 7 Pro 64-bit 7601

heh, you need to navigate in the chipset configuration menu, and find an entry about GPU, with possible answers IGPU (or IGA, or whatever with I and G that stand for Integrated and Graphics) and another for dedicated graphics.

All BIOS are different, so it's the best I can say to guide you.

Something I can tell about those multi-driver packs is that they suck at installing the right driver if the card is old (and a card from 2004 is old) or if it is a card fitting in an AGP slot.
So, try the drivers from here (select the windows 7 64 bit ones of course, you will get an installer for Vista but it's the best you can possibly get for that card as they never made drivers for win 7, flip side of the coin is that vista drivers should work fine). It's an "outdated" multidriver installer or even a single driver installer, but it contains the most updated driver for that card (yes, they stop updating drivers after a while).

It should be able to run GW2, not at max settings though.
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