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03 Jan 2013  
Saurabh A

Windows 7 64bit

Hi SPAZwazza,

I checked the 'System Setup'; 'BIOS' in 'Inspiron 580' may not offer the functionality to manually 'Enable/Disable' video card.

(Please share the slot number where the GPU is currently installed)

nVidia offered 6 series GPUs in both PCI Express and AGP 8X versions: Performance
Inspiron 580 is receptive to 'PCI Express x16 graphics card' only and an 'AGP card' may not function with it. Please ensure that a 'PCI E x16' is being used and should be installed correctly; you may want to refer to the 'user manual' of the GPU for correct 'hardware installation' procedure:

You may also find the 'Service Manual' for 'Inspiron 580' useful: Documentation
(Note: Please follow the safety instructions as mentioned in the manuals)

The 'power supply' in this system is 300W and may be modest in terms of handling your GPU; however the card should get detected in 'Device Manager' (If functional and compatible). While researching on the issue, i've come across situations where users have been using 6600 GT with 300W power supply. You may want to find if the 'GPU' was in a functional state before you got it.

The '4 pin molex power connector' on the GPU may only work with 'AGP slots'; try to unplug the 'power adapter' completely. I tried but could not find too many relevant details; came across that reference on few occasions while researching.

Also take a glance at the 'GPU specifications': ; not sure about its performance with 'Windows 7'.

Hope this helps. Do reply if you have any further questions. Glad to assist.
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