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04 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Pro X64 SP1

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I've got a Dell Inspiron 580, not very old...everything about it is okay, except the integrated graphics card. Someone recently gave me a GeForce 6600 card, and my GF bought me GW2 in anticipation.

I've got it installed, it seems to be properly seated on the motherboard, and it's connected to the power supply(had to get an adapter to make that work, it's got a 4-pin molex connector and all mine are 15-pin SATA's), but my computer doesn't seem to want to recognize it.

I've been to the GeForce site to try and download drivers, but it says it can't detect any hardware. Likewise, when I'm under Device Manager and I scan for hardware changes, nothing comes up under Display Adapters, it's still just the "Intel(R) HD Graphics" all by its lonesome.

I'm at the end of my rope here. Just lost my job, don't really have the disposable income to take it in to get looked at or get a different card or anything, I REALLY need this to work. I'd be eternally grateful for any assistance.
I'm confused by what you post.

I don't find any GeForce 6600 or 6600GT PCI-E cards online that require any power other than what they get through the PCI-E slot. The AGP 6600GT requires a Molex connector, but you aren't using an AGP card. (At least, not if it fits any slot on your Inspiron 580's motherboard.)

Here's how to tell, with the graphics card out of the system. An AGP slot is very different from PCI-E.

A stupid question: do you have the monitor connected to the nVidia card?

The minimum recommended power supply for a 6600GT is 350W with a rating of 18A at +12V. The Inspiron has a 300W PSU. I doubt that's the immediate cause of your problem, but it suggests that the card may not be all that happy in your system.

I see that the H57 chipset on your motherboard supports Virtu graphics (using the Intel graphics to save power, discrete graphics card for 3D performance). I don't see anything online about the BIOS settings on your system, but on some boards, there's a setting to enable or disable the onboard graphics. If you have one, turn off the Intel graphics.
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