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07 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1

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The Ti versions of both cards are very expensive. The price of the GTX 560 Ti is almost double of the price of GTX 650. GTX 650 is 170$ and the GTX 560 Ti is 310$. OK Thank you for the answers. I will stay with the 450 until I get some money. The only thing to change now is the PSU.
I think the pricing you have for the 560Ti is a tad off.......that is closer to the 660Ti price. What kind of gaming experience are you looking for? Are you wanting something that will play some new games on high settings @ 1080p? Or do you just play games occasionally at less than 1080p? A better explanation of what your end goal is will help us give more concise advice.

Before you do any GPU upgrades, get a good power supply. You are risking your entire system(motherboard/cpu/etc) running on that 250W PSU. I'd much rather give you some examples of good power supplies than see you post in a new thread that you need new components because your PSU bricked your current system.
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