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09 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Professional 32bit
BSOD Randomly bad_pool_caller

I'm fixing up a fairly old laptop for a friend. Did a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional and made sure all the Microsoft Updates were installed. But every now and then the laptop shows the BSOD and restarts itself. It seems to happen randomly. I've uploaded the most recent dmp file in hopes that someone can help me figure out what is causing the BSOD. The laptop is a Gateway W350A if it matters any.


So I used Whocrashed to look at the dmp file myself and found that it was the Realtek wireless lan driver causing the BSOD. I went to find an update from the Realtek website which I installed. Now the card won't recognize any hotspots at all. Windows diagnosed the problem as the wireless on the laptop being turned off. I triple checked that the wireless was on, disabled and re-enabled the card and the results were the same. So the latest version of the driver makes the laptop think the wireless is off and the previous version works but causes the BSOD.

The version of the driver causing the BSOD is Realtek RTL8187SE 6.1020.226.2009
The most recent version that causes the wireless card to not recognize hotspots is 9109.1028.2009

I'm completely lost at this point.
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