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13 Jan 2013  
Mark Phelps

Win7 Pro 32-bit, Win8 Pro 32-bit

As phrased, your question is very difficult to answer ... because there is no such thing as an "Ubuntu" icon set.

When you install Ubuntu, it does use a default icon set -- and that is usually the "human" icon set -- but the actual set you're using depends on which theme you are using. Each theme has its own icon set. In addition, icon sets come in different color depths and different resolutions. There is not one single set that Ubuntu uses.

As a start, you should post a thread on the Ubuntu forums asking how you find out what specific icon set you are using with your desktop.

Same thing with "Ubuntu-style browser" -- what is that? I've used Ubuntu for years, and the browser I use most often in Ubuntu is firefox -- which is installed by default.
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