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14 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

I got this version earlier today (had to reboot after applying some maintenance & it appeared). I am keeping half an eye on the Austalian Open Tennis. That means I've got 4 live streams coming in from 4 different courts simultaneously. This version of Flash is exhibiting a nice improvement. Used to be that you couldn't have more than one stream in full screen mode at one time. I currently have 4 full screen sessions going at once. I can "surf" the 4 channels by hovering the mouse over the icon for Flash in the Taskbar & then moving it back & forth over the cascade of thumbnails that appears above it. (Or Ctrl+t, UpArrow, and then Left/Right Arrow.) Each channel appears behind the thumbnails. If I want to actually watch one, I click it (Enter). Otherwise, I just move the mouse out of the way (Esc) & focus reverts to whatever besides TV I'm looking at on the system. Very cool!

As for the whole business of protected mode that I've griped about a few times in this discussion in the past, I just don't have the mental energy to check that again right now. I may try it after another couple of releases but for now, I just don't care enough about it to verify whether that's been fixed. I'm taking my chances running unprotected. I must say I think my chances are very remote that I'll suffer anything bad, what with all the other protective tools I've got running here (Spybot, MalwareBytes, AVGFree, MSSecurity Essentials, my own engaged, informed way of operating).
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