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14 Jan 2013  

Windows 10 Home Premium 64bit sp1

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I have the same LG drive too. It is great.

I followed your advice and got an 8320. They were fresh out of 8350s.
I also got an H100i, a second 7850 and the new mobo arrived, so it's a full rebuild.
Still waiting for the SSD I RMA'ed some ten days ago.
Will post pics when I'm done.

I killed my 8120 when removing the DeepCool heatsink. The mounting bracket had so much pressure on it that when I undid the one sided fastener the whole thing sprang free, bending a whole lot of pins, before giving me time to twist it lose, .
It wasn't a great thing anyway, but I could have used it for a back up rig.
Luckily no pins stayed lodged in the socket, so I can still use the mobo.
Sorry to hear that Bungee you will be ok with the 8320 it will clock with in a a few Mhz between the two
you will see a big jump in all aspects but don't expect your ram MB cycle to increase you will still be held to about 19 to 20,000 mb

@Doc Brown i think I paid a dollar more for mine back in the summer months 15.99 but when you look at who made it I think they could put a car together and make it work well that is how much trust i have in LG which im not normaly loyal to a particular type of brand but a deal is a deal in my book
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