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16 Jan 2013  
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.......Obviously a One size fits all won't please everybody -- but I can see the logic of not having to maintain and develop several totally different lines of OS........


You're right about one thing Jimbo, one size does NOT fit all! But MS is arrogantly telling us it does.
But who suggested anything about "Several totally different lines of OS's"?
All they needed was 1 interface for desktops and 1 interface for tinker toys. That's 2, not several. That would've been very simple to do.

Instead, MS even tried to block attempts to recreate the start menu. In other words, they're purposely trying to shove their metro interface down our throats.
Microsoft has nobody to blame but themselves for all the criticism. They asked for it and they got it.
Meanwhile, we got something we didn't want or ask for; a desktop with a truly ugly interface that's optimised for finger painting instead of a mouse.
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