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16 Jan 2013  

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit

It's all about money....The dollar, euro, ruble, throw in your currency.....Initally, you may have a tile or two with ads, but as time proceeds, it will be ALL the tiles. Windows 8 is no longer an operating system, it's an advertising medium and make no mistake about it.
I remember, not to long ago, where a very popular tech website, started painting half of their front page RED to try and get your attention to certain ads. I e-mailed the ad agency letting them know there are many websites with the same information and I would no longer be using this particular site. Of course, I threw in some &(#@(^& to show my displeasure. Later, I e-mailed the web master with the same complaint. Fortunately, they took away the "painting class" and I returned to the site.
Look at the Yahoo front page. They wouldn't know a news story if it slapped them in the face, but at times, they still play games by having advertising animated characters moving across your screen.
Obviously, their front page is not about's about advertising. The almighty BUCK.
So, I have a retail copy of Win 7, and if I need another OS, it's Linux or Apple. I'm finished with the "business as usual" bit. What's unfortunate is Microsoft will never realize, or admit, WHY Windows 8 failed.
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